20 Year Street Funding Plan

The 20 Year Street Funding Plan is the document that details the process and criteria for how the City of Minneapolis plans to select street improvement projects for inclusion in the annual Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The plan is informed by the Neighborhood Park and Street Infrastructure ordinance.

Neighborhood Park and Street Infrastructure Plans ordinance

On April 29, 2016 the Minneapolis City Council passed an ordinance (16-00381) that was a landmark agreement to equitably address needed funding to repave City streets and maintain neighborhood parks far into the future. The measure provides $800 million over the next 20 years to help the City and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board keep up with needed maintenance and operations costs for city streets and neighborhood parks.



In 2018, Public Works updated the 20 Year Streets Funding Plan to incorporate new datasets, such as updated pavement condition data and data gathered via public outreach, as well as to adjust the scoring process to better align with City goals and policies and what Public Works heard from extensive public engagement held throughout 2017. The 20 Year Streets Funding Plan - 2018 Update describes the updated datasets and summarizes the changes made to the 2016 Plan’s scoring framework.

The 2018 Update informed the selection and planning process of the paving projects within the 2019-2023 CIP.

For a detailed list of all projects included in the 2019-2023 CIP please visit the Capital Long-Range Improvement Committee (CLIC) Reports.Schedule w open house_crop.jpg

From April to September 2016 Public Works undertook a planning process to develop the 20 Year Street Funding Plan. During the summer and fall the City:



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Next steps

The City of Minneapolis will continue to evaluate the criteria used to prioritize projects.